Thursday, May 13, 2010

DS Travel Case

So I decided today that I would make Ocean a travel DS Case, since we will be traveling in..."5" days by plane!

I had some left over Gortex fabric...and used a thick plastic bag for the game holders...I did buy a zipper but I can't say I didn't try and find one around here I could use or take out of an old jacket, sweater etc....

I wish I would have written everything down..but I guess I 'll just have to make another one and write down measurements and steps.

This one needs a bit of improving...the zipper I bought was a tad too short! so it needed a bit of hand stitching so that the edges didn't have big holes.
either way though, it's cute and works :)
it holds 6 DS games. and can also fit the gameboy games (sideways)

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