Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dayna's wool shorties

I have made a newborn sized pattern, but I don't have a newborn, so I can't exactly 'test' it out...however I plan on sending a few to people so THEY can test them for me, but for now the newborn sizes will be in Brackets ( like this ) and I hope that it's a nice fit. make sure you circle the nb size to make it easier on yourself.

Size 9-12 months(nb)

I used 4.5 mm circular needles (Size 7)

Cast on 88(64) stitches, mark first stitch

Work in k2, p2 ribbing for 4 rows (3/4 inch)
row 5 *k2 yo, p2tog* continue from * to * for the whole row
continue in k2, p2 ribbing for 4 more rows (or 3/4 inch)

work in stokinette for 4 inches. (3.5 inches)

knit 25 (17) stitches then place 38 (24) stitches on a DPN or stitch holder (these stitches will be un-used for now)
knit to the end of the row,(including the previously knit 17 stitches) turn, purl

you are now working on the back portion of the shorties

*k1, ssk, knit until there are 3 stitches left, k2tog, k1 turn, purl*
continue until you have 26(18) stitches left on the needle (I also added in some short rows)

place on DPN or stitch holder.


knit across, turn, purl across turn...work same as back

*k1, ssk, knit across until 3 remaining stitches k2tog, k1, turn, purl* until there are 26(18) stitches remaining.

work in stokinette for 1.5-2 inches (1 inch)

*this part applies to the larger sizes)(If your baby has extra chubby legs then add 2 inches if they are smaller or average sized 1.5 inches will be fine)

graft the front to the back using the kitchener stitch.

CUFFS(havent done these for nb sizes yet)
I used larger DPN needles (5.5) for the cuffs

if you want a ribbed cuff (k2,p2) make sure you pick up stitches in segments of 4. For skinnier babies pick up 44 stitches. for larger legged babies (like mine) pick up 48

if you chose to just knit for the curved cuff look pick up anywhere between 44-48 and knit across for at least 8 rows.

Cast off using the 'stretchy cast off'

finish by making an icord for around the waist

abbreviations and such:

ssk- Slip Slip Knit (slip 2 stitches onto right needle then knit them together)
k2tog-Knit 2 together
DPN-Double Pointed Needle
Kitchener stitch-a way of grafting together so there is no seam
stretchy cast off- makes so that the cuffs will stretch ot form around babies legs
icord-a nice rope-type cord made with 3 stitches on 2 DPN's

Free pattern :)



  1. I really like your patterns...getting started tonight to make the leggin's to match a hat. Thank you for sharing..